V.P., Part 5

Because you pedal. Because you glide. Because you’re effortless, you’re easy, and your tan is coming along nicely, young man.

At the bottom of the hill over which I hang is a nice grid of suburban streets, the trees, the lawns, the sheds–all that shit. But you no longer belong there, do you, you little monster? Do you, my little velocipede-borne killer. You think there’s still a place for you down there? No no no, oh, no. You’ll see for yourself before this night is out how you’ve changed, irreparably, irrevocably–irredeemably mine.

We’re linked now, Boy, you and me, and you’d do well not to forget it. Don’t believe me? Okay, watch this. I want you to see something.


Boo! Guess who? It’s–





Yeah, Boy, it’s your old friend, your bosom buddy! And have I got an important message for you. Ready? Here goes: “You be safe at your party, young man, and I’ll talk to you later. I love you very, very much. Signed, your pal,




Boo! Hahahaha! Did you see that? Did you see how I made you jump? Did you…

Look at me. I said look at me. You little…Ok…hahaha…Ok. Hey! Would you like to know what I saw? I’m asking you a question. Do you want to know what I know? I mean aside from the speed on which you pride yourself? I mean besides the hidden cowardice that still has you scared of your mom? Do you? You see, I don’t think you think I’m being serious. That this is just the Moon, doing his thing. Crazy. Right? That tonight at worst we’ll touch your feet, and maybe make you float catatonic above your bed.

Well then let me make myself exceedingly clear: I know. I know your little secret, Boy…I saw you kill her. Yep. I saw how with mouth agape you just stood there and watched her die. You think you can hide something like that from me, you little shit? You think that I’m not always watching, from the sky, from the closet, from the woods? That I don’t see that one thing you must not admit to yourself? Boy, save yourself the effort. It’s in there, like it or not, and it is a part of you. This is not simply some intrusive thought that with a shake of your head you can dispel. No, this a true part of your actual being. You. Yes, you. You are like this in real life. Don’t shake your head. It is what it is–and what it is is where you belong: up here, with me–where the bad souls go to float.

Come to the Mo–hey, where are you going? Get your ass back on that bike! Hey–

Well then run, Boy, run before I get you. Get your ass into that house!


To be continued…


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